Conference Agenda

Thursday 14th September 2023


Workshop 1 - Beyond the medical record: Reflective writing for health professionals
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Chair: Nick Repin
Hilton Koppe 

Workshop 2 - Clinical Trials 101
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Chair: Sanjeev Kumar

Trial types - phases/study structures, commercial vs non-commercial, investigator- initiated, first in human and terminology etc. 
Everything you need to know about Phase 1 trials - are they really the end-of-the-line patients? 
Clinical Trials in rural and regional areas
Radiation Oncology Studies 
Surgical Studies
Supportive Care Studies 

Nick Zdenkowski   

Dhanusha Sabanathan         
Rob Zielinski
Marcus Dreosti
Christobel Saunders    Jenny Gilchrist
Workshop 3 - Percutaneous Breast Biopsy/Resection and Digital Pathology: Where are we heading?
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Chair: Gelareh Farshid, Parisa Aminzadeh

Percutaneous needle biopsies for lesion excisions, including small cancers
Transition to a digital laboratory - issues and outcomes
Cryoablation: Can it replace surgical lumpectomy 

Nisha Sharma

Anne Vincent-Salomon 
Julie Margenthaler
Gelareh Farshid
Panel: Debra Ikeda
0830-1300Practical Workshop - Applied Breast Ultrasound for Clinicians
Facilitated by: Dr Daniel de Viana, Prof Ian Bennett, Michael Law 

NOTE: This course is independent of the ASBD 13th SM conference registration and conference registration is not required to attend. Registration is via the ASBD website.

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1315-1615Workshop 4 - Personal leadership skills for an effective MDT
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Chair: Minjae Lah, Maree Colosimo


Julie Lines

Workshop 5 - Pathology 101
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Chair: Sanjeev Kumar

Fixation, grossing and issues for the surgeon. Tumor grading
Receptor testing and breast cancer subtypes
Surgical margin interpretation 
Prognostic gene panels 
AJCC 8th edition update 
NACT and assessment of treatment response 

Gavin Harris
Nirmala Pathmanathan
Gavin Harris 
Nirmala Pathmanathan
Gavin Harris 
Nirmala Pathmanathan
Workshop 6 - The Cost of Survivorship. Troublesome toxicities in the limelight
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Chair: Jenny Gilchrist, Jennifer O’Sullivan

Psychological toxicity
Troublesome long-term toxicities 
Long term radiation effects 
Enhancing physical recovery post treatment 
Communicating toxicity risk to patients 

Jemma Gilchrist
Tiffany Foo
Kirsty Stuart
Kate Kennedy
Ayesha Salim 
1615-1635Afternoon Tea
1635-1835Minisymposium - Living well with and beyond Breast Cancer

Kerry's story
Challenging conversations
Cognitive changes
Caring for patients with metastasis
Exercise Oncology
Thinking about genetic risk - What can Pink Hope offer?

Kerry Eyles
Jemma Gilchrist
Daniel Cehic 
Janette Vardy 
Helen Conlon
Stephen Foulkes (virtual)
Robyn Smith
Welcome/Networking Event - Exhibition Area

Friday 15th September 2023

0715-0830Industry breakfasts - Gilead, MSD & Surgeon's Choice
0845 - 0850Welcome
Chairs: Gelareh Farshid, Peter Chin

Session 1: Evolving Landscape of High risk disease management
Chairs: Sanjeev Kumar, Elisabeth Elder 
KEYNOTE: Axillary Management in the modern era
Imaging modalities during NAC
Emerging treatments in TNBC
Regional Nodal Radiation Therapy in High-Risk Breast Cancer
Routine imaging vs. clinical follow up alone for high risk early breast cancer - is it time to change the paradigm?

Julie Margenthaler
Debra Ikeda    
Hope Rugo
Steven David
Ayesha Salim  
1035-1100Morning Tea
Session 2: Innovations and Advances
Chairs: Gelareh Farshid, Parisa Aminzadeh
KEYNOTE: Expanding role of ADCs in the treatment of breast cancer
Artificial Intelligence in Breast Pathology
Artificial Intelligence in Breast Imaging
Biofabrication and 3D printed scaffolds for breast reconstruction
Q&A panel

Hope Rugo

Anne Vincent Salomon (virtual)  Nisha Sharma   
Owen Ung
1245 - 1345Lunch - Trade Area
1245-1345ASBD AGM
1345-1530Session 3: Lobular Breast Cancer: a clinical conundrum
Chairs: Gavin Harris, Maree Colosimo
KEYNOTE: Optimal imaging modalities for Lobular breast cancer
Diagnostic consistency of ILC: Why does it matter?                    
Surgical challenges in ILC
Complexities of systemic therapy in ILC: The often forgotten subtype
Role of multiparameter gene testing in ILC
Q&A panel

Debra Ikeda

Anne Vincent Salomon (virtual)
Julie Margenthaler
Belinda Yeo

Peter Simpson
1530 - 1600Afternoon Tea
1600-1745Session 4: Living Well for Healthcare Professionals
Chair: Jenny Gilchrist, Minjae Lah
One Curious Doctor - : A journey through vicarious trauma
Work-Life Balance: achieving the impossible?
Shame in the culture of medicine
So you might have made a mistake...
Q&A panel

Hilton Koppe
Tabitha Healey
Meagan Brennan
Heather Hibberd
1900-2300Social Function - Gala Dinner - Adelaide Convention Centre
Debra Ikeda: Living Dangerously

Saturday 16th September 2023

0715-0830Industry breakfast - 3M
0845-1030Session 5: Thinking outside the box
Chair: Minjae Lah, Jennifer O'Sullivan
KEYNOTE: Expanding the role of Vacuum Assisted Excision
The evolution of fractionation: Is less more?
De-escalating Oncoplastic Breast Surgery: Is less more?
Contrast enhanced Imaging: Is more more?
Proton therapy: Australian Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy and Research
Q&A panel

Nisha Sharma
Steven David
Melissa Bochner
Clair Shadbolt (virtual)
Michael Penniment       
1030-1100Morning Tea
1100-1245Session 6: Debra Ikeda and the Best Abstracts
Chair: Peter Chin, Gelareh Farshid 
Patterns of recurrence after Mastectomy
Rapid fire presentation: oral presentations
Q&A speakers

Debra Ikeda
1245-1345Lunch - Trade Area
1345-1530Session 7: Parallel Sessions
1.  Surgery

Chair: Elisabeth Elder, Peter Chin 
Intraoperative margin assessment
Multiple Ipsilateral cancers: Therapeutic Mammaplasty or Mastectomy?
Cancer in the small breast: what are my options? 
Perforator Flap in the small breast: how do I get started?
Sensation Preserving Mastectomy : Myth or Reality?

2. Medical Oncology
Chair: Sanjeev Kumar, Maree Colosimo
Biomarkers in guiding systemic therapy in metastatic breast cancer
Her2 Low
Optimising outcomes in early ER+ breast cancer

Christobel Saunders
Janne Bingham

Alex Brown
Peter Chin
Cindy Mak 

Nirmala Pathmanathan
Hope Rugo
Nick Murray
1530-1600Afternoon Tea
1600-1730Session 8: Back to the Future: key changes in my specialty 2021 - 2026
5 minute presentations followed by panel discussion
Presentation of prizes and awards
Conference close
Lead speaker: David Walters,
Hope Hugo, Michael Penniment,
Gelareh Farshid,
Debra Ikeda, Nisha Sharma, 
Julie Margenthaler,
Jenny Gilchrist,
Dorothy Keefe

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